Garden Love

Speaking of snails.. It came to me this spring, from that
other place where thoughts don’t always make sense in
this logical material world of ours, that snails are the fairies chariots…
I look on them with the deepest love and am awed by their
cuteness.  Since I have been doing this it seems they have not been such
a bother to my plants.. I normally just put them in a different part of the
garden when I find them on plants I don’t want eaten but I used to
gather them up and take them to the park and leave them off by the
creek or the river where there is water and food source.. I just
haven’t the time here lately…
 Flowers do have souls P0002800-1
I’ve been trying to start seeds and plant according the the moon
and biodynamic planting calendar but its only taken a few
weeks to realize that my life doesn’t coincide with the moon
or the planets and if I am ever to have a garden at all I just
need to plant when I can.. and hopefully the garden and I
will catch up and harmonize with the rest of the universe
at some point in this life time.
It still stands that 80 percent of everything in my garden
was put there by Mother Nature’s loving touch and not
my own doing… she is always busy with the inner
work of renewing the Earth,  while I have gone about
the tasks of dealing with the necessary distractions
of the outward life..  I am so grateful to be awed
by the beauty Nature has put before me in the garden
without having done the hard work of bringing it
about.. How blessed am I.
I have no idea why some of my text comes out double spaced and other text is single spaced.   Easily explained ..  I am an idiot with a blog.  I hope to have better quality photos to share of the beauty of nature in the future.   Love and Blessings to all and blessings upon your garden.