Winter Dance

Winter is finally here.  The trees are dancing with joy on this exuberant windy winter day. The leaves are dancing across the road like ecstatic ballerinas in wild abandon.  Mother nature has put her hand to broom sweeping her fall leaves to the earth floor to warm her Terra Firma soul and feed the hungry roots below.  Little squirrels are scurrying and racing around like turbo charged fur balls.  What a beautiful chilly day.


2 thoughts on “Winter Dance

  1. Thank you so much Maria. I enjoy your blog so very much. It is summer where you are?? You are a kindred spirit in your love for nature. How blessed we are to feel gratitude for all the wonders of the changing seasons. So many are too busy and stressed these days to even take notice. I hope to have time next year to learn how to use this darn laptop and new version of word and to master wordpress too. I hope I am replying to your comment correctly. Holiday cheer and all of God’s blessings to you and your family.


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