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Observation in Miracles

Yesterday I made a most touching discovery.  Just by the water faucet there was this little tree  seedling growing up from the ground.. it was about 6″ high with the prettiest leaves.  I was worried that it might get stepped on there by the faucet so I transplanted it into a pot.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          As I dug into the dirt I hit concrete and ended up digging up an old cement stepping stone that I had placed there by the faucet… this little tree was literally growing in about an inch of soil/leaf compost right on top of that cement stepping stone.. it was so touching… the seed from which it burst forth was above the soil and the root was taking refuge in that tiny inch of soil…  what a miracle nature  is..It is now in a planter safe and sound and will be able to grow on and become whatever it is destined to be.
It was so amazing to me that the leaves were so big and healthy and the stem was so strong.. the seed itself from whence it came was just laying on top of the soil..  and the root did not have sufficient room to grow into a strong healthy root…but instead of shriveling up,  that little being put forth its finest effort into growing the most beautiful amazing leaves and stem… It was those beautiful leaves that I noticed there by the faucet.. and it was those amazing  leaves that  called out to me.
This whole experience gave me a lot to contemplate regarding the nature of communication.  The whole of communication involves so much more than voice or motion.  There are vast unknown aspects of communication that we have yet to discover within our inward frontiers.  Plants talk to us with motion and color and scent.  They have a lot to say if we but listen.