Unseen Worlds

The Fairy Glen

Unseen Worlds

On trade winds of time they travel by light
Their voices float on sound-lit beams
They fly just past our muted sight
On prism blessed transparent wings

A voice as soft as a fledgling dove
Breath as sweet as an angels love.

If sought with mortal eyes

They are masters of disguise
And  forever will they elude
For only with the  heart and soul
May the fairy world be viewed.

Once you’ve seen the fairy realm
You’ll never disbelieve
The stories told in ancient times
Of kingdoms once perceived.

Be faithful to the mighty oak 
For there in lies the portal
Most grand and wise of ancient trees
A hope for every mortal

So sad for those who can not see
A life of toil and fears
The magic warmth of  fairy lights
Shall never dry their tears

On the day when realms collide
We’ll see a new sunrise
And realities unseen to us

Will appear before our  eyes




Autumn Equinox 2015 September 23

Blessings to all on this day of the Autumn Equinox.  Nature, always in perfect balance,  will continue to delight us with a show of warm  colors to soften the chilly nights and shortened days as she continues her dance toward the Winter Solstice.  She is turning  inward for a bit of reflective time.  But don’t be fooled,  she is ever alive and her work has only gone underground.