The sublime cycle of Life

In the sublime beauty and perfection that we observe in nature,  are found traces of the true sense of Life.   Perfection, brilliant symmetry, colorful and vibrant!  How muted our sense and how dim our view has become.  At this time of year,  as the leaves begin falling, let us remember the divinity within ourselves and all of nature.  In the beauty of holiness shall each leaf charm its color wheel.


Autumn sign posts

Honey the cat is bringing fallen leaves into the house.  Oak and Mulberry.  Autumn is in the air.  Seems too early to find golden yellow leaves on the ground.  But the sap is retreating back into the tree trunk and maybe even down to the roots, who knows?  I picture subterranean nature spirits waiting for its arrival each autumn.  They have a huge tree sap festival and make elfin beer with it.

Sorry  I’m new to WordPress still learning how to use the tools at hand.

Nature pics will be forthcoming.